1. How to use this website

This website is for personal and private use only. Any distribution, modification, transformation, removal, public display, and/or other activity is strictly prohibited, if not expressly authorised by Wine Tour Valencia.

The right to use this website, either for searching for information or for making a booking, is reserved for people over the age of 18, to individuals and representatives from companies and/or institutions. Wine Tour Valencia reserves the right to modify the website or parts thereof, as well as its content where deemed necessary.

We always endeavour to check the veracity of the information displayed on our website. Nevertheless, the website contains information that depends upon third parties and/or institutions other than Wine Tour Valencia and therefore we cannot be held responsible for the veracity and accuracy of said information.

2. Bookings

Booking requests made via the internet by the user that have been received by Wine Tour Valencia are contractually binding in nature. Once the contract has been completed the user is subject to the General Conditions which per force the user/client must accept in order to complete the contractual process.

Wine Tour Valencia reserves the right to correct mistakes in calculation or orthography. The client agrees to all of the obligations set forth in the contract and moreover will be responsible for any damage and harm that could befall those occupying the accommodation.

3. Tariffs and prices

All the prices across the website are euros. Wine Tour Valencia reserves the right to modify the prices displayed on the website at any time. These modifications will not under any circumstances affect bookings that have already been contracted. Nevertheless, these changes will be applicable in the case of modifications to bookings that have been requested by clients.

4. Requesting services

Upon making a booking, the user authorises Wine Tour Valencia to charge their credit card, or other agreed means of payment, for the amount for each and every booking of services requested via the web page. To effectuate and guarantee an Wine Tour Valencia booking the user may in certain cases be asked for their bank card details to forward to the accommodation, who in turn must fully observe the legislation for personal data protection. The user expressly grants Wine Tour Valencia the right to communicate their bank card details to the necessary accommodation establishment to effectuate and guarantee their booking.

5. Credit card security

Wine Tour Valencia takes every precaution within its means to protect users’ information. Users’ personal data will be protected both online and offline (within our offices). When the client enters personal data/information (for example their credit card number) into our website, this information is encoded and protected using the best software on the market – SSL and PGP. On secure webpages – for example, booking forms – a closed padlock symbol will appear on the browser’s navigation bar. On other pages, where the user is only navigating, this padlock will appear unlocked. We use SSL software to protect personal data online and PGP to protect this during the transmission of data.

The user has a commitment to ensure all of the data supplied to Wine Tour Valencia, either directly through the website or by using the customer service system, is complete, correct and precise. The user can only use credit or debit cards within their own possession and never those belonging to other people. Wine Tour Valencia reserves the right to verify data at any time if it is deemed expedient and necessary, with the aim of avoiding fraudulent activity.

Wine Tour Valencia reserves the right to cancel the booking in the case of monies being returned, the use of stolen cards, false and/or incomplete data or in the case of being unable to verify data supplied by the user.

6. Confirmation of bookings

Booking confirmations are sent by email subsequent to the booking being made. There is a possibility that this confirmation could arrive in the ‘spam’ folder in the user’s email client, and therefore the user should, in the instance of not receiving this email, check all of their email folders.